Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dig your own grave?

"Should we give him a 2 or a 3"? - The H.R. sounded a bit skeptical.
"He has been hard-working and responsible performer throughout the year......", they continued.
"Give him a 3"- She asserted!
"But why"- The H.R. was astonished!
"I don't like his stubble!" - She asserted!

Strange but true, these women seem to treat our cranky pieces of cilium as the eternal antagonists in terms of expression and impression! NO-ONE manages to realize that the entire concept of a "prickly" stubble is attributable to "the" caterpillar.

I have heard strange connotations crowned by the ladies in my neighbor-hood; ones who certify those evening stubble's like an after-math of chewing a Center Shock while others say that it's just the "static electricity"!
What remains, is wide-spread chagrin! 
I remember my meeting with the Secretary of the Department of Minorities and Affairs when the lady from behind her thick glasses, gave me a dirty look owing to my somewhat-awkward-french-cut, on the presentation day! I was called to my boss' chamber to justify my "look-of-the-day"! WHY ME?

An elderly woman once TRIED to explain to me, the entire reason for this perpetual hatred against those harmless spread of cilium that stands to be our "signature". What she tried tried to imply had considerable references to the Naxalite times when the beard stood as the "point of distinction". The meaning slowly but surely degraded to the point when it resembled unwanted intellectualism and to some extent "stupidity"! Maybe! it's too risky to comment :D

Or is it that I should be perturbed at the fact that my Hall-Invigilator in a competitive examination questions the "authenticity" of my "identity" because the primary difference between my image on the admit card and my "original self" is that thin chunk of innocent cilium on my chin? It has to be a woman! Sigh!

I managed to bump into my crush early in the morning, just to discover that the only aspect she hated about me in the college days, was my "eerie" stubble! (An adjective that perhaps never goes with the piece of innocence) 

The biggest shock this year came from my girl-friend when she announced that she'd break up with me unless I deleted all those Iron Maiden songs from my playlist! The SATANIC charm had lead to an unprecedented over-growth nevertheless, but you can't be so RUDE can you? And can you imagine, she gifted me a month's supply of Gillette Mach 3 razors on our first anniversary?! Dude, are you kidding me? She didn't hit the "LIKE" button on my profile picture for the first time EVER! That too because of my "curious cilium"!

I have already received a number of stern emails from the HR(yet again) that contains details bearing citations and the company decorum! The cause? My stubble!

By the way, my girl-friend even managed to crown 21st December 2012 as the "World Stubble Day" oops "Stumble day"! Maybe she's right, even the Mayan leader PERHAPS had a stubble and the "Doomsday" denied his application! 

P.S.This post has been directed and compiled by my soul-mate (ahem) Sohini Mukherjee! Cheers!

Ooops, my new look instigated such a reaction :\

And the mirror didn't "Crack" as "YOU" speculated!

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  1. hehehehe!!!! Good one ....... and completely understand the Naxalite connection :-) ... being a Keralite does that!!